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    Our Team

      IRIIS only hires and maintains the most outstanding and experienced people in the Oil & Gas and Marine industries. All of our people are credentialed in their respective disciplines, cross trained in other disciplines and each has decades of hands-on, oilfield and/or marine experience.

    Advisor vs. Consultant

      Our distinguished team of experts are direct employees of IRIIS. Each carry an array of deeper, experienced knowledge that extends a greater value to our clients at a higher advisory level. We only provide our clients with professional, industry specific, expert, ’Advisors’. We don’t use the contract consultant model of providing short term, warm bodies to a client.

    IRIIS Qualification System (IQ)

      All IRIIS advisors are inducted into the Advisor roles and thoroughly trained on all aspects of the services we provide. Using a 3 part process to evaluate, train and ultimately rank our personnel we provide the best fit for our client’s projects.

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