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    Real-Time Knowledge and Reporting Technology -

      IRIIS has developed a unique technology in the Oil & Gas industry called AIMS (Asset Integrity Management System). It is a knowledge and data repository used for real-time data collection, transfer, communication, and reporting. In its most basic form it has over 65,000 entries pre-loaded into the database. It is fully customizable to fit the specific purpose of each IRIIS client and can be adapted to feed outputs into existing databases and reporting systems. AIMS is an extremely useful tool for instantaneous access to data that is spread across multiple platforms and access is completely portable - for example iPads & iPhones, etc.

    Reporting Suite -

      IRIIS utilizes a reporting layout based around the industry standard International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) Standard Format for Equipment List (SFEL) format. This reporting format was adopted due to extensive client feedback regarding the difficulty in deciphering obscure numbering systems utilized by some competitors. Alternatively, if your company utilizes a standard inspection form or reporting format, we can easily import your format into our inspection software to create custom tailored reports that fit your specific needs.

      The type of reports generated by IRIIS also differentiates us in the industry. Each of our hand-picked staff have real-world industry experience and are fully aware that a brief daily report during the project, followed by a lengthy formal report several weeks later, is not an acceptable option for time-critical projects. Our daily reports are very thorough, and include photos that document any deficiencies and/or concerns, as well as offering possible solutions. Our team of inspectors understands the criticality of, “We need it now before operations begin.” Daily reports are transmitted via email during each project, and at completion of the scope of work, these reports are consolidated into a final report with a summary of recommendations. A draft of the deliverable report is made available to the client in electronic format within 72 hours of project completion by our personnel.

      Hard copies of all reports and information collected during the inspection can be provided upon request. Contact our office for current sample reports and checklists that are available for review.

      For a Demonstration of our reporting tools, please give us a call or contact us using this link.

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