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MDAT ( Mapping Delivery Ability Tool)

IRIIS is currently the leading authority in the proper use and development of training systems under the Marine Technology Societies, Mapping Delivery Ability Tool, or MDAT ™. Our team of highly skilled subject matter experts lead the development of the MDAT and conducted the pilot program aboard operational DP vessels to test the viability of this specialized tool. We can benchmark your DP Operations in accordance with the MDAT, manage your existing training program or help you create and implement your own program.

IRIIS’s commitment to hiring and retaining only the best and most experienced professionals in their respective disciplines provides our clients with assurance that our advisors will enthusiastically take ownership of each project to competently assess equipment condition and personnel experience levels on each asset to ensure equipment is being properly maintained, personnel are being properly utilized, and a safe, stable environment is being provided for the critical operations being undertaken. Areas where assessments can be effective tools include:
    • Key dynamic positioning personnel
    • Maintenance and engineering staff supervisory personnel
    • Maintenance teams
    • Marine crews
    • Standard operational procedures
    • Maintenance procedures
    • Drilling personnel
    • Well-control competence
    • Simultaneous operations management
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