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World Class Professional Services
IRIIS, LLC is a Houston-based full-service technical support and inspection company specializing in providing individualized technical services to land and offshore drilling, production facilities and industrial installations. Since our inception we have worked closely with companies all over the world to provide on-site solutions that are proven to reduce overall cost, streamline operations and reduce the time-to-startup. Our mission is to provide individualized technical services tailored for your project to ensure overall operational improvement. Our proven solutions help reduce risk to personnel, risk to the environment, minimize downtime and increase efficiency providing a safe working environment for employees and maximizing profitability.

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Our Team
IRIIS only hires and maintains the most outstanding and experienced people in the oil & gas and marine industries. All of our people are credentialed in their respective discipline’s, cross trained in other disciplines and each has decades of hands-on, oilfield and/or marine experience.

Advisor vs. Consultant
Our distinguished team of experts are direct employees of IRIIS. Each carry an array of deeper, experienced knowledge that extends a greater value to our clients at a higher advisory level. We only provide our clients with professional, industry specific, expert, ’advisors’. We don’t use the contract consultant model of providing short term, warm bodies to a client.

IRIIS Qualification System (IQ)
All IRIIS advisors are inducted into the advisor roles and thoroughly trained on all aspects of the services we provide. Using a 3 part process to evaluate, train and ultimately rank our personnel we provide the best fit for our clients projects.


The Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) in response to a request from its members to provide a database of offshore inspections broadly following the format of SIRE; OCIMF’s inspection protocol for oil, chemical and gas tankers that has been successfully operating since 1998. IRIIS can provide Certified OVID inspectors to complete your inspection program.

Dynamic Positioning

Planning and Support for Dynamic Positioning and other critical operations. IRIIS provides Well Specific Operating Guidelines (WSOG) training and support to help your team achieve their fullest potential. Training, oversight and mentoring are components used by past and current clients to ensure the best possible outcome of their project.

Decommissioning and Preservation

Let IRIIS help you prepare your assets for stacking. Proper decommissioning and preservation will ensure your equipment is ready to go back to work quickly and efficiently while saving you time and money.
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