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Watching over your assets…

IRIIS' 2017 commitment to our clients…
When you get someone from IRIIS on your project, you are getting one of our Family members.

In these trying times, many companies that provided exceptional service have been unable to weather the storm. IRIIS has a 10 year track record servicing companies like Marathon Oil Corporation, ConocoPhillips, Atwood Oceanics and more. We have set ourselves apart by offering the very best personnel matched to the specific work being undertaken. With licensed professionals in every discipline of industry, we can build a team that will help your company achieve the most successful results possible.

As a result of the ongoing upheaval, many of the personnel in our industry were left in the cold. As things start to heat up and your company needs service, look to the companies with a true employee base. Startups will collect CV's of anyone they can get their hands on. We have already seen this from social media sites and oil and gas venues. IRIIS has only employees, we are not a body shop with a large pile of CV's to exploit. Each are vetted by the other members of our family and completely trained before they attend a project wearing our logo.

Lee Hardin

Choose IRIIS and see the real difference!

Our Family

Meet Our Family

IRIIS is proud to present the following family members…
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Lee Hardin
CEO and Co-Founder

Steve Corcoran
SVP and Co-Founder

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Todd Geddie
VP Operations - Land Rigs

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Charlotte Kelly
Business Development Manager

Bill Kelly
Engineering Manager

Natalie Rivera Benavent
Marine Manager

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Bill Bolles
HR / Travel Manager

Bradley Broussard
Safety / IT Manager

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Sean Hickey
Senior Technical Advisor

Sid Hughes
Mechanical / Vetting / OVID Advisor

James Broussard
Mechanical Advisor

Leland Salinger
Mechanical / Construction Advisor

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Joey Castro
Dynamic Positioning / Electrical Advisor

James 'Junior' Miller
Dynamic Positioning / Electrical Advisor

Neal Johnson
Mechanical / OVID Advisor

Doug Sehon
Dropped Object Hazard / Drilling Systems Advisor

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Werner Leybold
Senior Land Rig Advisor

Bob Tuttle
Mechanical / Marine Advisor

Lorne Drummond
Electrical Advisor

Nigel Greave
Electrical / Construction Advisor

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Kevin Baudoin
Safety Advisor

Isi Rodriguez
Structural / Construction Advisor

Beau Winans
Security / Electronics Advisor

Augie Werdenberg
Dynamic Positioning Advisor




IRIIS, LLC is a Texas-based full-service technical support and inspection company specializing in providing individualized technical services to land and offshore drilling, production facilities and industrial installations. Since our inception we have worked closely with companies all over the world to provide on-site solutions that are proven to reduce overall cost, streamline operations and reduce the time-to-startup. Our mission is to provide individualized technical services tailored for your project to ensure overall operational improvement. Our proven solutions help reduce risk to personnel, risk to the environment, minimize downtime and increase efficiency providing a safe working environment for employees and maximizing profitability.


Our Family
IRIIS only hires and maintains the most outstanding and experienced people in the oil & gas and marine industries. All of our people are credentialed in their respective discipline’s, cross trained in other disciplines and each has decades of hands-on, oilfield and/or marine experience.

Advisor vs. Consultant
Our distinguished team of experts are direct employees of IRIIS. Each carry an array of deeper, experienced knowledge that extends a greater value to our clients at a higher advisory level. We only provide our clients with professional, industry specific, expert, ’advisors’. We don’t use the contract consultant model of providing short term, warm bodies to a client.

IRIIS Qualification System (IQ)
All IRIIS advisors are inducted into the advisor roles and thoroughly trained on all aspects of the services we provide. Using a 3 part process to evaluate, train and ultimately rank our personnel we provide the best fit for our clients projects.


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You can access the old IRIIS website here.

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IRIIS LLC is based in Wimberley Texas.

Our mailing address is:
111 Joe Wimberley Blvd.
POBox: 1179
Wimberley, Texas 78676

Phone: (832) 639-4789
Fax: (713) 456-2696

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