IRIIS, LLC is a Texas-based full-service technical support and inspection company specializing in providing individualized technical services to land and offshore drilling, production facilities and industrial installations. Since our inception we have worked closely with companies all over the world to provide on-site solutions that are proven to reduce overall cost, streamline operations and reduce the time-to-startup. Our mission is to provide individualized technical services tailored for your project to ensure overall operational improvement. Our proven solutions help reduce risk to personnel, risk to the environment, minimize downtime and increase efficiency providing a safe working environment for employees and maximizing profitability.
Data Collection and Reporting
Our team of experienced industry professionals are trained in witnessing, inspecting and providing unparralelled information collection. With an IRIIS team on your project you are sure to get the acurate information you need in a timely manner.
Oil and Gas
Land Rig Services

Taker/Cargo ship Vetting

Offshore Services -
Exploration and Production

Marine Services

Spectialty Services
Custom Solutions
With professionals in every industry we can help create winning solutions for any project you may have, be it a small home sale to a multi-year construction project.